I would like to personally welcome you to C4Cheats Games website.   Now, I am sure you are wondering, what can I find here and what is so useful?

Well, it is my goal to offer you three things.   The primary goal is to share about my development adventures.  This way if you are on your own path you can see what I did and the result.

Another is for people to discuss the games and applications I make with others.   This will give me feedback, improvements and other information about the game.   So if you want to help influence a game and the type of games I am making please head over to the forums.

Lastly, I am hoping to post tutorials out there for things I found difficult and not well documented.   This way others can help themselves.

Hopefully, you find this site useful.   I hope to see you around, even if it is just to say hi in the forums!

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